PDF Library for revolution

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PDF Library for revolution

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PDF Library for revolution

Posted by Daniel Shapiro on July 23, 2009 at 11:15am

Hi All

Wonder if anybody can help me.

I have developed a Quote Generating Application using rev studio 3.5. This allows my customers to make selections and then on the back of these selection to 'generate a quote' which can then be emailed to their customers.

The quote that gets generated consists of 1 stack and 11 cards and I need to be able to convert these cards exactly how they are displayed in Revolution to PDF.

I'm not at all an experienced programmer so unless its quite simple to do then i am going to struggle. Can PDF libaray perform this function and will it work with the new RunRev plugin?

Your help is much appreciated.




Reply by Jan Schenkel on July 24, 2009 at 9:43pm

Hi Daniel,

There is at this point in time no magic 'qrtPDF_PrintCard' command in the library. It is unfortunately not that straightforward to turn a card and all its controls into a high-resolution PDF file - mainly due to the complexity of property combinations for controls, some of which are platform-dependent. Moreover, the current version of the library does not support arbitrary fonts, and one would also need clipping and blending - all items being worked on or the next functional releases.

However, if the user doesn't need the ability to select the contained text, you can always export a snapshot of each card to a temporary image file, and use the 'qrtPDF_DrawImage' command to add them to your PDF file.

Quartam PDF Library should work just fine when used in a revlet, run by the revWeb browser plug-in - provided that the user authorizes the revlet to access the hard drive so that it can write the resulting PDF file to disk.


Jan Schenkel
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