Best method for running standalone application

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Best method for running standalone application

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Best method for running standalone application

Posted by Severin Swensen on November 10, 2008 at 2:30am

I'm a Revolution Newbie and am wondering the best practice for deploying an app containing the PDFlibrary. Should I include it in the app directory or is there some better method.

I am having fun with your library.


Reply by Jan Schenkel on November 10, 2008 at 9:36pm

Hi Severin,

Thanks for sharing how much you enjoy the library - it's always good to know when people have fun with something you built :-)

Now for your question: I generally find it easiest to 'link' library stacks to my projects by adding the library stack to my project's stackfiles:
- open your project mainstack
- open the stack inspector
- switch to the panel 'Stack files'
- use the 'folder' icon to open a file dialog where you can choose the 'qrtpdflib.rev' stack
- once you've added that, it's a snap to load the library and include it in your standalone application

You can add a LoadLibrary handler like the following to your stack script
on LoadLibrary
if "qrtpdflib" is not among the lines of the stacksInUse then
start using stack "qrtpdflib"
qrtPDF_InitLicense ""
end if
end LoadLibrary
And then you can call this handler from anywhere in your project's mainstack and substacks.

The 'stackFiles' property helps the engine locate the library so you don't have to use the entire path, and as a bonus, it is automatically added to the standalone build settings.


Jan Schenkel.
Quartam Reports & PDF Library for Revolution


Reply by Severin Swensen on November 11, 2008 at 5:49am

Thanks for teaching me something new. The library is working great.
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