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Getting Started

Post by NingImport » Sun Jul 18, 2010 7:59 pm

Getting Started

Posted by Graham Pearson on June 3, 2010 at 7:25pm

In reading the PDF Document in trying to intergrate Quartam Reports into my RevStack, I must be overlooking something as each time I press the Print Button, Runtime Revolution Locks up on me. I will outlined what I have done. At the present time I an using the Demo version while I try to get these two programs working together.

On my Main Stack Script I have the following code

on openStack
if "qrtReportsLib" is not among the lines of the stacksInUse then
start using stack "qrtReportsLib"
qrtReports_InitLicense "<your license key here>"
end if
end openStack

Now right after the end if line above if I put

if qrtReports_VersionNumber() >= "1.1.0" then
answer "Woot. This part is working"
end if

Then I save the stack, Clear the stack from Memory and Run the stack, I will get the answer dialog box. This is what I am expecting it should do. If I move the if statement that has the qrtReports_VersionNumber() from the main stack to the script of a button on a SubStack called Display Results, I get nothing and my application stops responding.

I am wanting to have a button on a page that will print the report which is displaying the data of a Datagrid which retrieved the information for this data grid from a web service.

I know that this is a beginners issue but not sure where I went wrong.


Reply by Jan Schenkel on June 7, 2010 at 10:19pm

Hi Graham,

The first thing to check, is if the revEngine can find qrtReportsLib.rev - the easiest way to make this happen, is by adding it to your mainStack's stackFiles. Open the Stack Inspector, switch to the 'Stack files' panel, and click the 'folder' icon to track down the file qrtReportsLib.rev on your hard drive - once you've found it, click the 'Open' button to add it to the stackFiles property of your mainstack.
As a bonus, the rev standalone builder will automatically include it in the building process.

I'm a bit confused as to why this would lock up rev completely - could you open the Message Watcher and see what happens? Could you also post the script you're using to print? Are you using one of the 'simple' printing commands (qrtReports_PrintReportForStack/qrtReports_PrintReportForCursor/qrtReports_PrintReportForQuery) or have you build a data broker script?

I'm sure we'll get it sorted out.

Jan Schenkel
Quartam Reports & PDF Library for Revolution
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