Stretch the field vertically

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Stretch the field vertically

Post by till » Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:24 am

Dear Jan

I have not been using Quartal Reports for quite a while, so maybe I am a bit out of practice.

I try to print a report of a stack with 2 scrolling fields. In the report I defined both fields as "Stretch the field vertically" and put them into the detail section. In the report those 2 fields are overlapping (even with the second field defined as fixed distance for the bottom).

If I put the second field in the summary section everything is o.k., but I think that is not really the correct way to go? (What would I do with 3 scrolling fields?)

2. Question
The stack I made is for a school teacher. Therefore I have to include the license key (start using stack "qrtReportsLib"/qrtReports_InitLicense "<your license key here>"). To simplify this I tried to include the qrtReportsLib stack in my main stack. But that seems not to work?

Thanks in advance

Till Bandi

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