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Presenting at RunRevLive.11

Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 4:05 pm
by JanSchenkel
Next week I'll be at the RunRevLive.11 conference in sunny San Jose, California, giving two presentations: Advanced Databases and Extending LiveCode with Java. Here is a brief description for both sessions.


Advanced databases:
You've just finished a desktop application that stores its data in a local SQLite database. All works well, and now you're asked to make a multi-user version, so that other users can access and update the data as well. Unfortunately, you can't just load the data into a MySQL database and be done with it: your data structures and business logic have to be ready as well!
In this presentation, I'll take a desktop SQLite application and turn it into a front-end for a networked MySQL database. Along the way, you'll get crucial tips to avoid the pitfalls of such a transformation.

Extending LiveCode with Java:
We all love LiveCode for its cross-platform abilities, combined with an elegant and productive scripting language. But the 200-pound gorilla in this space is indubitably Java. In this presentation we will see how we can leverage Java libraries from within LiveCode through process communication.
This allows us to extend our LiveCode desktop applications with Zeroconf discovery, XML schemas, PDF file enhancements and image processing.


Last but not least, you're invited to drop by the LiveCode Marketplace vendor area and ask me any questions you have regarding the Quartam developer tools for LiveCode. You might even get a sneak preview of Quartam Reports 1.2 :-)

See you there!

Jan Schenkel.